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Stephen Holmes

Memories of Gwen

Stephen had a huge heart that overflowed with kindness, joy, generosity, courage and strength. He loved and cared deeply about his family and he brought us so much pride and joy. Everyone was his friend and he was loved so much.

Stephen had a special place in his heart for our family pet, a Boxer named Tor. They were buddies and spent many happy hours together. He built a little wooden cart for Tor to pull and they both enjoyed giving his younger sisters rides. Elaine and Barb adored their older brother.

Stephen and Rick were not only brothers, they were friends as well. The only times I ever heard them disagree, and only mildly, might be during an NHL hockey game. You see Stephen was a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Rick cheered on, and still does, the Montreal Canadiens.

Stephen was a great student and was always at the top of his class. His goal was to become a Civil Engineer. In the Fall of ' 65 he was thrilled to be starting his new life as an Engineering student. He embraced the challenges of his first year at University of New Brunswick and excelled in all his studies.

We cherish the wonderful memories we have of him and he lives on in our hearts.

~ Gwen Holmes

Memories of Lolly

On May 25th,1948, in Fredericton, NB, the Holmes family was blessed by the arrival of Stephen Ralph Holmes, a happy, healthy son to Ralph and Dorothy Holmes and little brother to Laurene (Lolly).

Life brings changes and Stephen’s early life involved many moves, first to Campbellton, NB, then to Matapedia, QC, and finally to New Richmond, QC. During the course of these moves, a whole new family life began for Stephen with his father re-marrying Gwen E. (Patterson) and the arrival of new siblings, Elizabeth (Betty), Richard (Rick), Elaine, and Barbara Holmes.

Growing up, Stephen was a quiet, shy boy. He was an attentive student who loved learning and greeted each day with a big smile; always offering a friendly "hello" to all he met. He took great joy in playing basketball and hockey and was valedictorian of his graduating class of 1965 from New Richmond High School. His sisters were so proud of their older brother.

The University of New Brunswick was his next challenge. His first year in Civil Engineering proved that the work was not too hard (his words), but there was plenty to be had of it. He lived on campus at Neil House and enjoyed university extra-curricular activities, including: the Winter Carnival, ice sculptures, and a Simon and Garfunkel concert. His spare time was spent at Radio UNB with friends and participating in varsity basketball and hockey. During his years in Fredericton he also became re-acquainted with his biological mother and met his four brothers, Michael, Kenneth, Laurie, and Paul Corbett.

The moments we spent with our brother were sweet and ended too soon. Our memories of his warmth, charm and enthusiasm are cherished. "He touched the hearts of those he loved with every word and deed." Always missed, forever loved, Mom, Rick, Elaine and Barb.

~ Laurene (Lolly) Winter

Stephen Holmes

UNB Basketball Team

Stephen Outside